Toy safety is an important issue to pay attention to for both parents and makers. Toys that may have been considered safe in the past have now been found (by the Consumer Product Safety Commission) to be unsafe for young children. These guidelines have been set in place for makers of children's goods for good reason: To protect kids from harm. The CPSC guidelines are quite strict regarding small parts for children under three since they are the group that is most likely to mouth toys and are at risk of choking. Of course the world is FULL of little things kids can choke on but toy makers and parents alike need to be especially careful. All toys in this store have been made following the guidelines set forth by the CPSC and are labeled in the shop and on tags accordingly. Mini Pomme is registered with the CPSC as a Small Batch Manufacturer of children's goods however all toys intended for children under three are required to be tested  by a third party testing facility.

Ultimately, it is a parents job to decide what kind of toy is appropriate for his or her child because you know your kid best.  Age determination guidelines are meant to be helpful when buying a toy. If you have questions about the safety of these toys please email