I'm sorry but due to popular demand I've had to stop taking orders for troll dolls. Please check back another time. Thank you!

The Mini Pomme Troll Doll is a pretty special doll and it's one of my very favorite things to make. It's fully jointed (head, arms and legs) with cotter pin joints and made of mohair and 100% wool felt. They are stuffed with excelsior (wood wool) and organic cotton. The hair is made of long, hand dyed mohair in various shades. I make them one at a time from start to finish and let their personalities unfold in an unhurried process. All the clothing is made specifically for each doll without use of a patterns making them truly unique. The trolls have a little animal friend or some other treasure to hold (like a mushroom).  Each troll has wool felt backed old shoe button eyes, hand embroidered eyebrows and mouth, hand colored cheeks and very charming and carefully sewn on teeth!  The Trolls can be made as a boy or a girl although my style is usually fairly gender neutral. Because of the button eyes, joints and somewhat delicate features, this doll is best suited for an older child (ages 6+) or an adult who is a child at heart :-)

I currently have a waiting list with a wait time of more than a year for a Troll Doll. The cost is $330 + shipping. If you are interested in being on my list, great! Here's how it works: Fill out the form below and submit. Please indicate if you would like a boy, girl, or want me to surprise you.  Also you may let me know if you have a hair color preference. If you have a strong opinion about what you want your troll to be holding (right now options are mushroom, fish or mouse), you can let me know in the message box. The rest is up to me! Well, really it's up to the troll doll itself; they really do have a magical way of revealing themselves to their maker. I'll send back a confirmation email with an estimated completion date. No payment is needed until your doll is finished.

Once your doll is finished, I'll email you and send you pictures. if you love it, I'll put up a listing for the doll on my website or if you prefer, send you a PayPal invoice. If you don't like the troll I have made for you, that's OK! I would never want you to buy something you don't love. You can then either go to the end of the waiting list and try again or just exit the list all together.

Fill out the form below to get on the Troll List and feel free to email me with any questions!


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